Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello/Goodbye Monday

Hello my lovely ladies!!

What a Monday today was, the entire reason I decided to begin blogging, to somehow dedicate myself to something I am passionate about, instead of always being stuck in an 8 to 5.  I currently work for a children's agency that assists low income families with subsidized child care.  There are SO many people I know who would do anything to have their child care paid for, but these parent's of mine almost act like they are entitled to our services.  In other words, today work was CRAZY! Mom's screaming at me, threatening me with lawsuits, and the most shocking of news today, was finding out one of my mom's was a 13 year old girl, still attending Jr. High.  Anyways.. On a happier note.. I don't go back to work until 8:30am tomorrow, haha..

I had a good conversation with a friend today regarding relationships.  She currently finds herself going through a break up, and as anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak, going through a break up is tough.  Unfortunately, there is a 4 year old child involved, and children above all, are most affected by a parent's separation.  So what you do you do when you go through a break up?

It was difficult for me to offer any valuable advice, I sat there and listened.  What would a person going through a break up want to hear?  I was scared to say the wrong thing, since I am known for always saying the wrong thing.. But I have the best intention!! Promise! :)

After a while of listening to her I gave her a reality check.  Ladies and gents.. When a person wants you , they WILL make sure to make it known.  And if they don't make it known, I suggest you don't waste your time and MOVE on.  Easier said than done, yes I know.. But this is my way of thinking.  Yes, life is the longest thing we have, yet the shortest at the same time.  While we are here, living on earth, why not focus on living an absolutely amazing life?  There is NO point in wasting our time with someone who is not able to appreciate our entirety, who thinks we may be available at their disposal, and most importantly, who we DO NOT find ourselves happy with!!!!!  Highly emphasize the unhappy part.  We may love someone, but may not like them <-- Does that make sense?

We need to love ourselves, respect ourselves, and look out for ourselves.  Give your heart to a person who will be able to cherish it, not take it for granted.  If you are feeling down, read something that may lift your spirits up.  Always remember, pain is temporary.  And if there is a negative side, there must be a positive.  Focusing on what good may come out of any situation is always key to keep us moving forward.

You are meant to have an amazing life, and that is the only truth.

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