Sunday, March 9, 2014

Being IN Love with LIFE!!!

Hello everybody!!

This is my first post for blog and I am so excited I finally gained the courage to try something I had on my list to do for all eternity.  One of my biggest dreams has always been to start a blog that will inspire people to believe in themselves and know everything is possible.

I enjoy reading motivational books and watching inspiring videos about all life has to offer.  My goal is to wake up every day and look forward to everything..  I always watched youtube videos from girls like Kandee Johnson, Dulce Candy, and ThatsHeart and was in love with their lives.  They are living their dream, and I am tired of not living mine.  I know I have something special to offer and feel empowered by empowering others.  I don't know where writing this blog will take me.  I hope that one year from this day, I am sitting behind my desk at my office from home with a HUGE smile on my face because I have been living my dream for the past year.  This is scary, mostly due to the unknown of what may happen.  But I figured, time will pass and I have nothing to lose.

For those that will believe in me from reading this post, thank you!!

Love always,

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