Thursday, February 26, 2015

Marriage... To Live a Happily Ever After...

On July 5, 2010, I wrote in my journal (which I do not update as much as I should), that I was praying for a change in my life, and part of that change included meeting my soon-to-be husband.  The entry, word by word, is as follows...

This year I've visited Costa Rica, will be done majoring in Spanish and Human Services (Spanish in Spain in the Fall of 2011).. and as of tonight, will pray to God to send me the boy that will steal my heart for life.

After I met, my now husband, I always thought of that journal entry.  1. Because I never I studied in Spain.  2. I didn't study in Spain because two weeks after that, I did meet the boy that has stolen my heart.

I remember 2010 was the year that I wanted a BIG change in my life.  I wanted to study abroad or become a flight attendant.  I was very close to finishing my degree in Human Services and was stuck on leaving the state to focus on something else.  I think I wanted something refreshing and something I had never done.  I love to travel and I love to meet new people.  I love cultures, food, and art.  Two weeks after writing in my journal, I met Raul.  Since then, my life has forever changed.

One of my good friends and I wanted to hang out by the beach on a very hot July day.  It turned out that the beach was so busy, it would be practically impossible to find a parking spot and fully enjoy our day.  I remembered a friend posted something on Facebook talking about his new place.  I told her to text our friend to see if maybe we can hang out at his place for a bit.  Right away, he text us asking us to go over.  As I arrived, I noticed Raul.  Raul and I had a very brief history during our High School years.  Well, in reality, I had a very big crush on Raul, but we were both in relationships.  Years later, we meet again.  I did not want to get off the car because I was so shy to see Raul again. In my head, he rejected me in high school.  Lol.  My friend convinced me, we got off, and that was one of the best days of my life.  Since then, Raul has called me every day, and two and a half years later, he proposed. We have now been married for four months.

Marriage is bliss.  Hard? Yes. Worth it? EVERYTHING.  I am in love with Raul and I am in love with being married to him.

Recently I pulled out my journal and was reading over some of my entries.  The funniest thing is that, the day I wrote praying for him, was the day of his birthday.  It put a very big smile on my face.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Let's talk about Sex baby!

Sex is a topic that is loved.. People love talking about it and apparently doing it too.. Sex sells!! It is everywhere around us, our friends talk about it, magazines scream to use at the grocery line.. It is everywhere!!

I like thinking about sex in an intimate way, it is something you do with someone you love, does that sound cliche?  We currently live in an era were sex is something you do, just to do.  One night stands are a go to for single people on a Saturday night, and the 3 date rule is highly implemented among young dating couples in our society.  Young girls think it is cool to have sex, and a way to fit in amongst their 13 year old peers. <-Seriously??

 At my job, we provide care for children up until 1 day before they turn 13 years old.  I had a case where one of my parents is 13 years old.  She is at the age where the children of my parents would be getting terminated, and yet I am here offering services to my 13 year old parent.  I spoke with my supervisor regarding my parent, and his response was to terminate her since she is over age.  I repeated myself once again, "No, the parent of the young baby IS 13 years old. The parent is not the child." My supervisor gave me a dumbfounded look.  I was pretty shocked myself.

I think that as a society we need to rethink our values.  Ladies, having sex is not going to make you cool, sexy, or make a guy fall madly in love with you.  My advice to young girls, old girls, single girls, married girls, every girl... Respect yourself.  There are many ways to have fun.  Never forget to have morals and to be a lady.  We don't need to go out and have wild sex with every man we meet during the weekend.  Respecting your temple is crucial to living a healthy life.

I am not an old lady, I am only 26.  Im happily engaged, soon to be married.  I have travelled different parts of the world, I am educated, and I LOVE to have a good time.  I have friends that have a 3 date rule, and friends who are so ladylike and sweet they make me shiver.. We all want love and try to find love in the ways we think we can get it.. One thing is for sure, if you respect yourself and love yourself,  everyone else around you will not be able to help loving you too.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello/Goodbye Monday

Hello my lovely ladies!!

What a Monday today was, the entire reason I decided to begin blogging, to somehow dedicate myself to something I am passionate about, instead of always being stuck in an 8 to 5.  I currently work for a children's agency that assists low income families with subsidized child care.  There are SO many people I know who would do anything to have their child care paid for, but these parent's of mine almost act like they are entitled to our services.  In other words, today work was CRAZY! Mom's screaming at me, threatening me with lawsuits, and the most shocking of news today, was finding out one of my mom's was a 13 year old girl, still attending Jr. High.  Anyways.. On a happier note.. I don't go back to work until 8:30am tomorrow, haha..

I had a good conversation with a friend today regarding relationships.  She currently finds herself going through a break up, and as anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak, going through a break up is tough.  Unfortunately, there is a 4 year old child involved, and children above all, are most affected by a parent's separation.  So what you do you do when you go through a break up?

It was difficult for me to offer any valuable advice, I sat there and listened.  What would a person going through a break up want to hear?  I was scared to say the wrong thing, since I am known for always saying the wrong thing.. But I have the best intention!! Promise! :)

After a while of listening to her I gave her a reality check.  Ladies and gents.. When a person wants you , they WILL make sure to make it known.  And if they don't make it known, I suggest you don't waste your time and MOVE on.  Easier said than done, yes I know.. But this is my way of thinking.  Yes, life is the longest thing we have, yet the shortest at the same time.  While we are here, living on earth, why not focus on living an absolutely amazing life?  There is NO point in wasting our time with someone who is not able to appreciate our entirety, who thinks we may be available at their disposal, and most importantly, who we DO NOT find ourselves happy with!!!!!  Highly emphasize the unhappy part.  We may love someone, but may not like them <-- Does that make sense?

We need to love ourselves, respect ourselves, and look out for ourselves.  Give your heart to a person who will be able to cherish it, not take it for granted.  If you are feeling down, read something that may lift your spirits up.  Always remember, pain is temporary.  And if there is a negative side, there must be a positive.  Focusing on what good may come out of any situation is always key to keep us moving forward.

You are meant to have an amazing life, and that is the only truth.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Being IN Love with LIFE!!!

Hello everybody!!

This is my first post for blog and I am so excited I finally gained the courage to try something I had on my list to do for all eternity.  One of my biggest dreams has always been to start a blog that will inspire people to believe in themselves and know everything is possible.

I enjoy reading motivational books and watching inspiring videos about all life has to offer.  My goal is to wake up every day and look forward to everything..  I always watched youtube videos from girls like Kandee Johnson, Dulce Candy, and ThatsHeart and was in love with their lives.  They are living their dream, and I am tired of not living mine.  I know I have something special to offer and feel empowered by empowering others.  I don't know where writing this blog will take me.  I hope that one year from this day, I am sitting behind my desk at my office from home with a HUGE smile on my face because I have been living my dream for the past year.  This is scary, mostly due to the unknown of what may happen.  But I figured, time will pass and I have nothing to lose.

For those that will believe in me from reading this post, thank you!!

Love always,